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Clark Booth is a Court recognized construction Expert Witness and a licensed General Contractor in Arizona and California with over 30 years of experience in the construction profession - with many types of construction experience in both residential and commercial settings. Handling hundreds of cases involving contractors and homeowners as well as commercial building owners. Employed by both State and local Municipal agencies in the resolution of construction defects review and analysis. Having many years of diverse experience.

Clark Booth started in this industry after working directly with the state and city inspections. He has seen a lot and knows what can be done to eliminate the burden of hiring a lawyer or attorney to represent you.

Why Clark Booth?

Throughout his experience he has worked with a wide-range of clients, all with unique needs and tastes.  His extensive knowledge of the construction industry is matched by his commitment to helping his clients come to a successful resolution, for both the consumer and the contractor.



mom finds problem with contractor - resolved

Jan from Phoenix - the work started out ok but then as it progressed we started noticing problems. As soon as we mentioned it the contractor walked off the job. When we called CDR they were able to talk to the contractor, he returned, the work was done in a few days and we never had to hire an attorney.


contractor finds resolution on a code issue

Bill from Avondale -I’ve been a contractor for many years. I had a problem on a job and CDR came out and inspected, interfaced with the building dept. and both I and the customer were happier from then on. They spent time talking to us and things worked out great.


whole house problem for consumer is solved

Rod from Mesa-My house was wrong from the start. CDR was able to work with the builder and we worked out problems on the inspections from the city. Later I could see my interests were protected and once they showed up the builder had a new attitude. They were totally professional.


construction defects attorney speaks out

DW from Phoenix- Ive worked as a construction attorney for years. CDR has worked as an expert witness on our cases. They are really informed and I trust their advice on the technical issues.


retired building inspector speaks freely

Bud from Phoenix- As a retired building inspector I’ve seen firsthand the type of work CDR does. I was never officially allowed to recommend the services of any company while I was on the job but now that I’m retired and can speak freely I recommend their services for anyone struggling with a contractor or a contractor struggling with a homeowner. I’ve seen them resolve issues more quickly than working through the State ROC as well as helping those already going through the ROC process.


registrar complaint process made easier

Joe in Tempe-I had a problem with the ROC and didn’t know what to do CDR walked us through it. I found out  they’ve done over a hundred cases with the state agency. After months doing it on our own the problem was finally solved.


multi-million dollar custom home even has defects, finds resolution

George in north Phoenix- we contracted for a large custom home and had over a hundred thousand dollars of defects. Clark quoted chapter and verse and put the contractor on notice, he worked together with our attorney and successfully put a case together against the contractor, went to testify in court and we won hands down




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