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Construction Dispute Resolutions can often save you time and money

when dealings are done between homeowner/building owner and

contractor or between general and subcontractors.


We can help you avoid the legal process when possible or help you through it as quickly as possible. We don’t offer legal advice, only your attorney can do that

but we can explain much of what your options may be as well as help with many practical and technical matters you might never have thought of.


Alternative dispute resolution is now the norm in the American legal system to avoid much of the heartache of traditional civil litigation. Now you can work with a company that is the independent third party with expertise in the construction world.



What if one of the houses that I am looking at has a room addition or other work that has not been permitted by the city?



That can be a big problem but sometimes it can be resolved in your favor.

Arizona state law provides some exceptions to the requirement but it is very complicated please call us we can help.



What if I just go ahead with the purchase or sale of the property if there is some kind of non-permitted or substandard work present?



Let's be honest sometimes people get away with it for a while. However nowadays more and more of these things are getting caught. Currently in Arizona there are over 100,000 properties that are known to have non-permitted work on them and the government is aware of it already. Why take a chance when you can remedy the situation relatively easily. Your first call is free.


We will work closely with you to make sure your transition
 is completed as efficiently and successfully as possible.

Home & Business Construction

Whether you are in the midst of construction as a business owner, contractor or a consumer, we can help you
eliminate long and tiresome work so you can come to a complete final resolution! Without all the cost.


Construction Dispute Resolution a company that is about resolving conflicts .... quick!


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